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    We offer ...

    Morning coffee, delicious lunches and teas, organic artisan bread, and our home-made selection
    of cakes and pastries all served on vintage china.

    Was it Clarissa Dickson-Wright who said
    "There are too many chefs these days and not enough cooks!"
    - we could not agree more!

    ... Our food is wholesome, hearty, un-pretentious and satisfying, using locally sourced meat,
    fish and vegetables.


    Our primary inspiration?

    The kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers. We have also eaten in some of the world's finest
    restaurants and yet our most memorable meals on our travels have been in a beach-side café or
    above a hay-barn in France where only one dish was served to all.

    We are not licensed at present, but positively encourage you to bring a bottle or two of your own
    to enjoy with your meal.


There are too many chefs these days and not enough cooks!

Overheard being uttered by Clarissa Dickson-Wright - we could not agree more!

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